Saturday, October 4, 2008

Looser Counts

Someone taught me to count loosers in stead of high card points of a hand. It comprises of some basic rules:
1. A suit can have maximum of 3 loosers, hence total 12 in a hand. Initially assume a hand to have 12 loosers.
2. Each ace contributes -1/2 looser , king -1 looser and and queen -1 and 1/2 looser.

Consider a hand:
♠ AKT ♥Q65 ♦T98 ♣K32

It will have 12(initial_loosers)-0.5-1(for ♠)-1.5(for &hearts)-0(for ♦)-1(for ♣)=8loosers.

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Rishabh said...

One interesting point to note here is that for looser counts to be used for deciding the level of the contract to be played you need to make sure that you have a fit in a suit with your partner.

Then you can use the formula 18-(your_loosers)-(pard_loosers)= app. level of the bidding contract.